March 24, 2023
women's pajamas

Wearing pajamas at home is not only a fashion, but also a sensible practice for health reasons. Buying women’s pajamas is a more complicated thing than buying clothes. Pajamas must be comfortable and healthy. If you wear pajamas too casually, there may be a lot of health risks. The following will remind you to pay attention to the purchase of women’s pajamas from both health and pajama fashion. Save money with the Asos discount code

pay attention to pajamas fabric and pay attention to health

The most ideal pajama fabric should be knitted pajamas, why? Because knitted pajamas are light and thin, they feel soft and comfortable. In addition, the best raw material should be all cotton fabrics, or at least cotton-based synthetic fibers. Many people are also very clear that clothes should try their best to pursue fabrics, but they do not know the important reasons.

In fact, for all kinds of clothes, considering the benefits to the human body, fabric clothes are the most ideal, because fabric clothes have strong hygroscopicity and can better absorb sweat on the skin. In addition, air permeability Also very good. Especially in summer, there is a lot of sweating. If the fabric of the clothes is not particular, the body is prone to skin problems. For example, some young men and women will have red rashes on their bodies in summer, which has a lot to do with the fabric of the clothes. Oh.

Pay attention to the color of pajamas to improve sleep quality

Darker-colored pajamas are not good for human health, while more elegant or light-colored pajamas can play a role in soothing the eyes. This is the same as not using dark or colored mosquito nets, and the various furnishings and decorations of the room are not suitable for too warm and exaggerated colors. Bright colors are more likely to stimulate people’s vision, make people unable to relax, and it is difficult for people who are nervous to fall asleep. Therefore, when choosing pajamas, try to choose a lighter color to make yourself comfortable and sleep soundly.

Pajamas should be too big and not too small

Of course, the clothes you sleep in are not the same as the clothes you wear. Sleeping is the only time to relax. Therefore, don’t have any other unnecessary thoughts. Sleep comfortably. When you wear pajamas, you should wear looser clothes, so that your body is in the clothes. There is enough room to stretch.

If the women’s pajamas are too small, the chest, abdomen and back will be restrained, and the bound body cannot get normal breathing and stretching, especially the heart. Excessive compression of the heart has a great negative impact on physical health. Therefore, the size of pajamas should be large and not small, even if it is just right, it is not recommended.

popular styles of pajamas

Pajamas are also a kind of clothing. In terms of styles, although they are not as varied as ordinary clothing, on the whole, pajamas can be divided into the following categories. The first type is suspender skirts. This type of pajamas is mainly suitable for summer wear. It is fashionable and the best Pajama at show the sexy charm of women. The second type is split suits. This type of women’s pajamas is mainly designed from two aspects: aspect and comfort. Compared with skirts, suits are not too cumbersome and easy to move.

It is worth mentioning the third type of pajamas. This type of pajamas is a relatively rare one-piece pajamas. Pajamas should be the most primitive pajamas. This style has been available since ancient times, and it is also the most home-style pajamas style. , especially in some noble families, the nightgown has become a pajama symbolizing luxury and high-end life.

Which brand of silk pajamas is good

  1. Choose according to visual inspection and feel

High-quality silk pajamas are shiny and drapey, light and soft to the touch, smooth and comfortable close to the skin, and also have the characteristics of easy drying, moisture absorption, and good heat dissipation, which can enhance the vitality of the body’s epidermal cells, promote cell metabolism, and have a good effect on the skin. A subtle massage effect, thereby reducing the chance of microorganisms growing on the skin, and has a special health care effect on the human body; shop now using Asos discount code nhs

2. Pick by color

When buying silk pajamas, it is most suitable to choose some more elegant and light colors, because such tones are suitable for family wear and have a calming effect, while dull and dark pajamas will affect people’s mood. relaxation, thereby affecting the rest effect.

3. Brand choice

1 Aimer (Top 10 Pajama Brands, women’s pajamas/Underwear Professional Leading Brand, Beijing Famous Brand, Beijing Aimer Underwear Co., Ltd.)

2 Which brand of silk pajamas is a good American standard pajamas

3 Qiulu Pajamas (Top Ten Pajama Brands, Guangdong Famous Trademark, Guangzhou Top Ten Famous Brands, Guangdong Qiulu Industrial Co., Ltd.)

4 ETAM Iger (founded in 1915, top ten brands of pajamas, famous leisure sports brand, branch of the French ETAM Group)

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