March 28, 2023
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In early March, Microsoft hosted the Microsoft Ignite 2021 digital event, announcing quite a few new features. Each of these new capabilities ensures that the end-user experience of both office and home workers is taken to a higher level. In this blog I would like to tell you which Teams innovations Microsoft has implemented and how these functionalities help you to collaborate more effectively remotely with SharePoint Development Company.

1. meeting

In recent months, Microsoft has made considerable progress and has expanded the functionalities within Microsoft Teams. For example, Microsoft has significantly optimized the user experience within meetings. First I would like to tell you about some new functionalities that have to do with meetings within Teams.

Dynamic display

The introduction of the dynamic display greatly improves the viewing experience of users. This view ensures that elements within a meeting are intelligently arranged. When people join a meeting, turn on their video, start speaking, or start a presentation, Teams automatically adjusts the layout with SharePoint Development Company.

View changer

In addition to Teams automatically adjusting the view, you will soon also have the freedom to adjust the view of a Teams meeting. The view switcher makes it easy to control what the content of your meeting looks like. For example, with the Gallery-to-top mode, you can choose to add all participants to the top of the meeting window, making it easier and more natural to look each other in the eye. Furthermore, it is also possible to shield all distractions with the Focus mode and to put your shared content completely central with SharePoint Development Company.

Presentation mode

In recent months, Teams has also focused on the further development of the presentation mode, so that you can give impressive presentations in no time. The new presentation mode allows you to customize the shared content and personalize it to your liking. Standout mode allows you to place your video feed as a silhouette over the shared content. The reporter mode gives you the option to place the shared content above your shoulder as a support. In addition, the ‘side by side’ mode ensures that the shared content and the presenter’s video feed are shown side by side.

PowerPoint Live in Teams

With the PowerPoint in Teams functionality, the presenter gets more control over the presentation and the audience gets more room for interaction. As a presenter, it becomes a lot easier to manage meetings. This feature provides the ability to display the notes, slides, chats, and participants in one screen. In addition, participants can navigate through the presentation at their own pace and use the screen reader to view the content, making it easy for people with visual impairments to follow the presentation.

Live reactions

Another nice feature that Microsoft has recently added is ‘live comments’. With this new option you can brighten up your meeting. You can now send and receive emoticons during a presentation. For example, you can virtually clap your hands when you want to compliment your colleagues. Nice idea, right?

2. Webinars

In addition to the new functionalities that Microsoft has added to meetings, the software giant has also innovated considerably in the field of webinars. Below I give you an idea of ​​a number of new useful functionalities with SharePoint Development Company.

Participant registration and email confirmations

Setting up and running webinars will soon be as easy as meetings in Teams. This makes it easy to add a custom attendee registration page to your meeting or webinar. This allows you to manage attendance before and after each appointment, giving you a good insight into the people who attended a webinar. Visitors will also automatically receive an email confirmation after registration to participate in the event.

Interactive webinars and view-only broadcasts

Starting next month, you can organize interactive meetings and webinars for up to 1000 participants within Teams. Almost the same functionalities are available here as usual. This gives you extensive presentation options, live reactions and moderation controls. And as an organizer, you have the option to disable chat, audio, and video for the event attendees.

Event for 10,000 participants

Do you want to organize an event for more than 1000 participants? Nothing is too crazy for Teams. As soon as the number of participants in a webinar exceeds 1000, Teams smoothly switches to a view-only broadcast. Accidental presentation interruptions are prevented by a host moderation check that automatically disables audio and video. Currently, Teams supports webinars up to 10,000 people; this number will increase to no less than 20,000 in the coming year.

Participant Reporting

After you host a webinar, it becomes extremely easy to see who attended the event. The report includes, among other things, how long people have participated and when they left the webinar. You can easily download the reports and then use them to run your own analyses.

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