March 24, 2023
Lifeguard course near me

The originator of “We swim” reveals the secrets of the movement swimming of the Lifeguard course near me and introduces us to the magic of winter swimming.

Its main Motto is: swim 365 days a year, give yourself this gift!

Petros uses this phrase because he believes 100% in human rebirth through water activity. But also because in this way he motivates more and more people in this activity. The pioneering We swim movement introduces us to a new way to enjoy Sundays.

If swimming in the sea is synonymous with extreme sport for you in winter. You might change your mind, since the unknown always exerts a special charm.

What is the mission and vision of the movement?

We swim is a movement that motivates. Organizes and helps people to seek a lifestyle change by discovering open sea swimming 365 days a year.

It started in 2015 by inviting swimmers online to analog meetings (group trainings). And later through the we swim platform it became a trend in the world of swimming with lifeguard course near me a great impact in Greece and abroad.

So the purpose of we swim is to get us all out and dare to take the first step, approach the water. Swim and enjoy swimming all year round without taboos. We want to make open sea swimming popular all over the world. And not just at the championship level as it has been known until now.

Where is the meeting held and how many swimmers attend your Sunday meetings?

Our meetings take place every Sunday from October to May on the Athenian Riviera. Specifically at the organized beach of Luciano’s Kilaidoni (Vouliagmeni) which hosts most of our activities. In the summer, the Sunday We swim meetings give way to the famous after office Wednesdays. Which are group training sessions that bring people together for swimming right after the office.

Swimmer attendance varies from 100 people at each Sunday meet and dwindles slightly. In the winter months (around 50-6 swimmers) when the water temperature drops significantly.

Apart from Attica, are meetings held elsewhere?

Clearly, our actions are not limited only to Attica. But we travel all over Greece participating as a team in original swimming competitions.

There is the We swim Unspoiled Greece series through which we swim usually by falling from a wooden traditional boat in small organized groups of swimmers with an escort. Discovering amazingly beautiful seabed’s in island and mainland Greece. This series started with the best omens with the first events in Stacia, Gastric and Mani.

What is the taste of meeting on Sundays for the members?

I can hardly describe this feeling of completeness.
It has the characteristics of supreme well-being through a package that simultaneously socializes the participant. Feelings of euphoria remain in our souls until the middle of the week following the next meeting. It is something like a ritual.

You have to experience it to understand it. It is the wisdom of cold water I would say, what one sees in the daring of winter swimmers. A tool that makes you face everything with incredible strength and appetite for life and creation.

Do you think as a country we can support swimming 365 days a year?

Of course we can support that.
What is needed is to do it ourselves. Then advertise it and finally create the conditions so that it starts from young ages as a mindset. And I don’t just mean in the pools that are the learning stage and the preparation of champions. But I’m talking about swimming with the child at the coast. So that the child can connect with the water in all seasons and finally bond with nature. I believe this is how we will create the next models of nature lovers. That is, those who are in nature and do not disturb its balance but respect it.

For 2021, if you could single out one We swim action, what would it be and why?

If there’s one thing I’m proud of in the past year, it’s the online actions we inspired. Created and launched as we swim with huge participation from many swimming of the lifeguard course near me to protect our coasts and seas .
Because unfortunately we could not participate in group actions due to the restrictive measures. We motivated people to act in an excellent project that we called butt-free beaches (clean beaches, without cigarette butts).

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