March 25, 2023

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Lahore is one of the most welcoming cities in Pakistan and is widely recognized as the country’s cultural epicenter due to its abundance of beautiful Mughal-era architecture, verdant gardens housing and varied cuisine.

Lahore has always had its own culture and way of life. In contrast to the densely packed urban areas, suburban areas saw a rise in the popularity of single-family homes on their plots of land. Much seems to have changed, though, in recent years.

Lahore followed the lead of other major cities in going vertical to solve the housing need caused by the rapid population growth. This marked a significant cultural shift, as many young people in Lahore began purchasing flats rather than houses. As a result, skyscraping residential skyscrapers sprouted up all over the city.

It’s no secret that apartment living has its fair share of pros and cons. Still, Lahore’s skyrocketing real estate costs have certainly contributed to the city’s growing affinity for urban dwellings. It’s hardly surprising that there has been a recent uptick in the popularity of apartment living, given the lower costs associated with purchasing and maintaining one.

You can’t make this choice without conducting intensive market research to learn about the best and most affordable neighborhoods to buy a flat in Lahore.

Lahore apartment 

As of late, these Lahore neighborhoods have been the most sought for apartment purchases. 

  • Defense for the United States of America
  • City of Bahria
  • Askari
  • Route de Raiwind
  • Town of Johar

Here is a thorough examination of the top five areas in Lahore in terms of demand for apartments currently on the market.


The flats in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) are the most in-demand in Lahore. Because of the area’s reputation as a desirable place to live due to its proximity to several desirable amenities. Including good schools and hospitals. Similarly, Eithad Town Lahore is famous.

DHA Phase 6, DHA Phase 5, DHA Phase 7, DHA Phase 8, and DHA Phase 3 appear to be the most sought-after neighborhoods in the area, as indicated by search trends on

It is estimated that a one-bedroom apartment in DHA Lahore would cost between PKR 1.43 crore and PKR 2.42 crore. Two-bedroom flats in Defence Lahore may be purchased anywhere between PKR 1.05 and PKR 3.6 crore. While three-bedroom units can be purchased anywhere from PKR 2.7 and PKR 5.99 crore.


Bahria Town is the city of Lahore’s second-most-popular location for purchasing flats and apartments. Since last year, Bahria Town has been in second place on the popularity. Meter for apartments for sale in Lahore due to its status as a mixed-use residential. And commercial development that provides residents with a high standard of life at an accessible price.

Bahria Town Lahore is a gated community that provides its members with a full range of amenities, including a school, a university, a hospital, a market, and a bank, so they never have to leave the community.

On the other hand, studio apartments are perfect for newlyweds or anyone who doesn’t have a lot of stuff.

Apartments with one bedroom can be purchased in the region for between PKR 22.5 million and PKR 97 million, while studios can be purchased for between PKR 24.6 million and PKR 95 million.


The Askari Housing Society in Lahore, Pakistan, which was one of the city’s earliest gated communities, came in at number three on the popularity index for Lahore flats for sale. The fact that Askari is so popular among people looking to buy apartments in Lahore is not surprising, given that it is often regarded as one of the safest housing societies in the city.


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Some of the most well-known communities in the vicinity of Raiwind Road are Lake City, Al-Kabir Town, and Etihad Town.

These flats start at a price of 31 lakh Pakistani rupees and go up to 1.76 crore Pakistani rupees.

New and secure developments in gated communities along Raiwind Road are also worth considering.


By the standards of the Zameen popularity rating, Johar Town is currently the sixth most desirable neighborhood in Lahore in which to invest in an apartment. The most sought-after Lahore neighborhoods for apartments include Johar Town Phase 2 and 1, as well as Onyx Apartments.

One-bedroom apartments in Johar Town can be purchased anywhere from PKR 25 lakh and PKR 85 lakh. As with 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments may be had for anywhere from PKR 40 lakh to PKR 85 lakh.

Obviously, these costs will change depending on the stages and projects you’re looking at.

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