March 29, 2023
Mccormick Software
The price of McCormick estimating software is not as cheap as you might think. Even though this estimating software is designed to handle the most fundamental tasks, it can still crash often and be inaccurate. If you’re looking for software that will make your estimating tasks easier, you should consider the desktop version. You’ll find it to be a more affordable option than a full-featured version.

Accubid Estimating Software

The Accubid estimating software price depends on the features and functions you are looking for. It offers a database of more than twelve thousand items and nine thousand assemblies. It also has tools to track labor units and cost codes. The software is compatible with Excel and QuickBooks. You can also use Accubid to create quotes and manage projects. The Accubid estimating software price ranges from $1,200 to $5,500. Accubid enables your team to create professional, accurate estimates with the same tools. It provides integrated project management, changes order management, and invoicing. Accubid’s standardized system eliminates errors and redundancy. Its database includes assemblies, specifications, and key item information, as well as manufacturing information, material description, and attributes. The software also supports multi-user access and is integrated with QuickBooks and Sage Timberline Office. It also includes document control and Pivot! takeoff pad.

McCormick Estimating Software

In the world of construction software, two of the most popular options are Accubid and McCormick. Despite the similar price, the latter offers more features. Despite the differences in price, both software packages offer features that are essential to the construction industry. Specifically, McCormick Software supports the accounting process, change orders, scheduling, and service management. The software also supports billing and change orders, which are crucial in the field of electrical contracting. As for the price, the software is available for $1595 for a one-time purchase. Users can upgrade to the latest version for $300 a year. Whether you need to import your existing spreadsheets or create a new one from scratch, the software can save and export estimates to Excel for easy sharing. The main advantage of this program is its ability to automatically calculate material costs. Moreover, it comes with a demo version, so you can test its capabilities for free.

STACK Takeoff and Estimating Software

STACK is cloud-based construction takeoff and estimating software that offers a centralized platform to manage construction bidding processes. Its features include smart estimating technology, takeoff measurement tools, reports, real-time collaboration, streamlined bidding, and customization. It works well for general construction projects and is suitable for any size contractor. Its price is reasonable and it starts at $1,999 per user per year. The software provides a comprehensive set of pre-built reports and detailed descriptions of common building equipment, materials, and labor. The software also offers centralized project management and document management. It automates takeoff processes and streamlines project management and invoicing. It enables contractors to bid on more projects with greater accuracy. It is equipped with over nine thousand parts and assemblies and has a collaborative tool that allows team members to work together on projects. The cost of Mccormick STACK takeoff and estimate software is relatively low compared to other similar solutions. The software is available online at a reasonable price. The software is compatible with all major hardware and allows for online collaboration. You can access project plans and collaborate in real-time from anywhere. STACK helps eliminate costly estimating errors. It has a comprehensive library of pre-built material databases and enables you to create customized databases for specific projects.


If you’re in the construction industry and looking for a new software program to help you make better bids, consider McCormick estimating software. This program includes an extensive database of construction parts, including industrial, residential, and low-voltage parts, and it helps you create detailed bids. The database also allows you to store an unlimited number of items, assemblies, and parts. This means that you’ll be able to create a bid that includes as much detail as you need. You can purchase the McCormick estimating software on-premise or on the cloud. The software is not free, but it’s easy to try it out for a free trial. It is also compatible with Excel and includes materials cost calculations. The cost of Planswift is $1595 for a one-time purchase, with annual updates costing $300. This software is a great choice if you need a program that can automate and save multiple takeoff windows at once.

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