March 22, 2023

Padel Rackets UK is here to stay. Racket sports are taking the world by storm, but their origins are controversial. Some believe that paddle boarding was born as a pastime on British cruise ships as early as the 1920s, while others claim that it originated in Spain and Latin America. Be that as it may, only in 1974 did padel appear as a sport practiced according to the rules in force.

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Europe has seen an explosion of sports in recent years. Padel Rackets UK is the fastest growing sport in Sweden and padel centers are opening in every city. Nevertheless, the majority of people are unaware of the padel art. We demonstrate the rules of padel as well as how to play.

How do you play padel?

Padel (or padel tennis) is a racket sport best described as a cross between tennis and squash. It’s a fast-paced, easy-to-learn social sport suitable for all ages. The great advantage of padel (and perhaps the reason why the sport has become so popular) is that it is suitable for all ages and abilities, as it does not rely on the strength and the ability to serve. Padel is more about strategy and cooperation between you and your partner than power.

Padel is usually played in doubles. Similar to tennis, padel is played on a court separated by a net, the difference is that in padel the player also uses walls, like in squash. A typical paddle court measures 10 x 20m and is surrounded by walls. Doubles is always played on this type of court. Padel can also be played singles on a narrower court (6 x 20 m).

Two Padel Rackets UK, a ball, and a companion

Padel is a simple sport that does not require many accessories. Basically, you need a partner, two rackets, and a ball. The padel racket is made of composite material, and the playing surface is covered with small holes. This makes the hits less powerful and less dynamic. Padel Rackets UK are available in three different shapes: round, teardrop and diamond. Because it offers the best control, the round Padel Rackets UK is considered to be the most suitable for most players, from the beginner level to the competitive level. A round missile is commonly referred to as a control missile. The ball used to play padel is similar to a tennis ball, only slightly softer.

Padel rules

The rules of padel are more or less the same as tennis, except that in padel you serve by throwing the ball off the floor and below hip height. Special rules also apply to walls. A padel match is usually the best of three or five sets, with a set being the first team to win six games. In padel, you win points if

  • The ball bounces twice to the ground from the opponent.
  • The other team scores with a hit to the goal.
  • An opponent hits the ball out of bounds, meaning outside the cage or one of your walls.
  • The opponent hits the ball into his own net.
  • the opponent is hit by the ball.

Padel racket.

Both sides of the racket can be smooth or rough with perforated holes (an unlimited number of cylindrical holes, each 9 to 13 mm on the center)
Handle (maximum length 20cm, maximum width 50mm, and maximum thickness 50mm)
Head (maximum length 45.5 cm, maximum width 26 cm, and maximum thickness 38 mm)
It is not allowed to attach anything to the panel during the game
For safety, paddles should be secured with a maximum length of 35cm bungee cord
The ball.

  • The ball must be a white or yellow rubber ball
  • 6.35 cm to 6.77 cm in diameter
  • Internal pressure from 4.6 kg to 5.2 kg m2


Please wear appropriate athletic clothing (no tank tops or swimsuits allowed)
Appropriate footwear must be worn
It is recommended that teams wear the same clothing and Unisex Fingerless Gloves

How do you play on the padel court?

Playing on a padel court is not much different from playing on a tennis court, except for the walls surrounding the court. Therefore, Court walls are primarily used by players to score points, such as in squash. So, The most effective way to score points is to use the corners of the paddling court to beat your opponents. The rules of padel are very similar to the rules of tennis, except for these differences, which are mainly observed in the serving;

Every game starts with a sneaky serve
Contact with the ball beyond the center service line is permitted
If the ball bounces into the service area and hits the side or back wall. So, It is a legal service and must be allowed by the player’s opponent.
If the ball hits the net, then bounces into the service area and hits the side or back wall. It is allowed and the point must be replayed.
If the ball enters the service area and touches the block. So, It is considered a foul
If the ball contacts the net. Then falls into the service area and touches the wall, it is considered a foul.

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