March 16, 2023
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Being able to work (together) always and everywhere without any problems; that’s what it’s all about these days. Corrupt documents, lost emails or crashing servers are now a thing of the past. If it’s good, at least. But are you ready for a serious ‘efficiency boost’? Do you want to be able to work carefree in and from the cloud? I’ll give you 6 excellent reasons why you should have switched to Office 365 yesterday; the ideal package to increase productivity with Microsoft Development firm.

1. safety first

You must handle the data of employees, customers and suppliers with care. This is becoming increasingly important in our digital society. So you absolutely do not want privacy-sensitive data to just end up on the street. Or perhaps worse, that it ends up in the hands of people for whom the data is not intended. No worries; Office 365 is equipped with advanced security measures. As a result, sensitive data of your external and internal relations remains safely under lock and key.

2. Always and everywhere

With Office 365 you can use the familiar Microsoft Office applications on any device – PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone – and at all locations with an internet connection. Thanks to Office 365, you can collaborate online with your team anytime, anywhere. Your files are stored in the cloud and are easy to find. So you can be extremely productive even on the go!

3. Office 365 is scalable

Cloud services have 1001 advantages, including scalability. You only pay for what you need. Sudden increase in the number of employees? No problem. You can easily purchase additional Office 365 licenses. Flexible scaling up and down as desired; what else do you want?

4. Always up to date

You never have to worry about regularly updating the software and systems within your organization. Microsoft keeps Office 365 up-to-date in the background. So you always have the latest versions of Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Teams. All maintenance is taken care of automatically.

5. Collaborate efficiently

Smooth cooperation with customers, suppliers and other relations is of great importance for successful business operations. With Office 365 you can simultaneously edit documents together with (team) colleagues or users outside the organization. You share knowledge via the intranet based on SharePoint. There you can also keep each other informed of important developments in your organization or field. In addition, Microsoft Teams makes it possible to communicate with people extremely efficiently through chats and video calls.

6. Flexible to set up

The different employees within an organization all need different applications. The advantage of Office 365 is that you can decide for yourself who can (or may) use which software. This also keeps costs under control. Not everyone needs the full Office 365 package. More productivity and less costs; Two birds with one stone.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

More and more companies are discovering the benefits and efficiency of Microsoft Teams. Not only as a communication and messaging tool, but as a modern way of working (together).

With a digital hub like Teams, employees have the space to collaborate more efficiently on a project by using different tools and apps. It is not just a messaging tool , but rather a modern way of collaborating and integrating with each other.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

All content, tools, employees and conversations can be found in the Teams environment. Because Microsoft Teams is available in both a desktop version and a mobile app, this means that you always have the necessary information.

In Teams you have access to SharePoint, OneNote and Skype for Business, but you can also add applications such as Word, Excel, Trello and PowerPoint.

The work environment can be personalized.

For example, a user can receive notifications and updates from third parties and important websites can be pinned within a dashboard. In addition, it is also possible to link your CRM with the application within a specific team via the ‘connectors’ option.

Microsoft Teams also allows you to add externals to your teams to easily share documents, information and conversations. Just think of a collaboration with a third party or involving a customer in a specific project.

Microsoft office online

If you log in via the browser via you can use office online. With Microsoft office online you can use the Microsoft office apps via the browser. Office online does not have all the functions as in Microsoft office, but for daily business you will come a long way with this free office package.

Microsoft office 365

Office 365 is the trusted Microsoft office package in subscription form, you get access to the trusted office apps for your computer, notebook and tablet. Your Microsoft OneDrive storage will be increased to 1000 GB as long as you are a subscriber.

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