March 24, 2023
personal loans no guarantor

Loan approvals, even if personal, require a guarantor. People with bad credit often seek personal loans to fill their lifestyle needs.

Without the presence of a guarantor, it can become increasingly difficult for individuals on bad credit to foster loans. A poor track record of managing credit, such as missing credit payments, account defaults, or an excessive number of credit applications, can go against a loan seeker.

In such cases, individuals can obtain personal loans with no guarantor to fulfil their cash requirements.

However, guaranteed loans give individuals a chance to borrow money with the support of a guarantor. When they cannot repay, a family member or friend “guarantees” to do so.

Persons can borrow money from lenders without the presence of a guarantor. The individual takes complete responsibility for repayments.

This guide provides deep insights into how no guarantor loans work and how individuals can apply for a personal loan without the requirement of a guarantor.

What is a no guarantor loan?

A borrower can obtain a loan from a lender without a guarantor to serve as a co-signer on the contract. This indicates that the only person who signs the contract takes complete responsibility.

The individual vouches for loan repayment and assumes all consequences that may arise in case of defaults.

How does it work?

No guarantor loans function in the same manner as guarantor loans. The borrower will be the sole person accountable for making repayments because there isn’t a guarantor engaged in the procedure.

This is why it’s critical for borrowers having trouble making their monthly payments to let the lender know as soon as possible.

By doing this, the borrower and the lender may have the chance to discuss a different repayment strategy that would suit the borrower’s new situation.

The lender will want guarantees that the borrower will be able to return the money because they will be entirely responsible for doing so. To do this, borrowers may be able to offer some or all of the following:

  • Having a regular job and consistent income
  • Possess a high credit rating
  • show that you have a solid history of borrowing in the past.
  • Zero histories of bankruptcy, CCJs, or IVAs

Using no guarantor loans

People can use a no guarantor loan for various purposes at the borrower’s discretion. But generally, they should only use it to cover unexpected and required expenses.

It could be a car, home repair, replacing a washing machine, or other essential household items.

No matter what the intentions, people should take their time and carefully consider their financial situation before deciding.

The first step is to decide whether there is really a need to borrow money. Individuals must also research other funding sources without first jumping onto the loan bandwagon.

Individuals may also want to consider how much they will need to borrow if they decide that getting a loan is their best alternative. Instead of taking out more money than required, they may try to keep it to a minimum.

Advantages of no guarantor loans

Fewer documents required

With a no-guarantor loan, individuals won’t have to deal with the extra burden of finding someone else to read, comprehend, and sign the necessary paperwork. Additionally, it avoids awkward conversations with family members about needing financial support.

As a result, the procedure is much quicker. Applications can be submitted online to get a prompt response, which can be crucial if the need for money is immediate.

Lesser financial strain

It can be challenging to locate someone who will consent to serve as a loan guarantor. People frequently ask a close relative or other friends for assistance.

If the borrower cannot repay the loan entirely, being a guarantor may result in a heavier financial burden. With a loan without a guarantor, on the other hand, the borrower is completely responsible for adhering to the repayment schedule.

Quicker access to funds

Funds become accessible quicker than usual depending on the loan’s amount, credit history, the kind of loan, and the lender’s conditions.

This is so that there isn’t any involvement from a guarantor. The transaction is solely between the borrower and the lender.

Increased loan choices

A guarantor personal loan provides the lender with extra security and assurance that they will repay the loan. However, it can be somewhat restrictive for anyone needing a short-term loan, mainly if they cannot obtain a reliable guarantor.

Since there are more no guarantor loans than guarantor loans, consumers have additional options for selecting the one that best fits their situation.

When is this type of loan unsuitable?

As discussed before, people can utilise a no guarantor loan for various purposes. It, however, depends upon the amount of loan that a borrower wishes to obtain.

They should never take a no-guarantor loan exclusively to augment current income or for irrational or pointless expenditures. These loans are intended as short-term solutions and must be paid back within a specific duration.

It’s crucial to use short-term loans carefully to avoid accruing more substantial, long-term debt that people might find challenging to pay back.

When you have bad credit, can you get a personal loan with no guarantor?

Depending on how poor the credit score is, it can restrict the amount you can borrow. Individuals with a low credit score might still qualify for a no guarantor loan. Several other criteria will determine eligibility.

Several specialist lenders in the market offer no guarantor personal loans to people with bad credit. Loans may also be available for individuals who proactively do not wish to use a guarantor.

These lenders will evaluate any past financial troubles before making a choice based purely on a unique situation.

People with bad credit can be required to pay a higher interest rate for their loans. They must only commit to a loan they can afford to repay because interest rates might vary significantly depending on the lender and how they perceive credit history.

Eligibility criteria for no guarantor loans

Lenders take these points into account when they receive an application for an emergency no guarantor loan.

  • Typically, the applicant must be 18 years of age – some lenders may have a maximum age limit
  • Borrowers must possess a valid email address and mobile number
  • Must be a legitimate UK citizen
  • Should own a functioning bank account to receive the funds and make the necessary payments
  • Possess a consistent monthly income from a part- or full-time job

No guarantor loans without credit checks – is it possible?

Unfortunately, no guarantor loans are not available without completing a thorough credit check. Nevertheless, this part depends upon the lender.

Individuals may have to fill in the application form to check which lender will most likely invite the application and at what interest rates.

Most lenders conduct a soft credit check without affecting a borrower’s credit rating. The filled application form is transferred to the lender for evaluation.

If the consumer is satisfied with the regulations, they can proceed with the submission. At this stage, the lender may conduct a hard credit check. This activity leaves a footprint on the report and can change credit ratings.


Individuals with bad credit or any other emergent situation can apply for personal loans with no guarantor, especially when guarantors are not available.

A borrower, however, must approach the right lender and evaluate the regulations before submitting the application. They must also remember that hard checks impact their credit scores and future borrowing opportunities.

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