March 26, 2023
Akashic Records Meditations

We can often undervalue our childhood experiences through Akashic records. We can underestimate childhood experiences’ impact on us when we come to adulthood. Childhood makes it the pillar of our character. It’s our way of appreciating the world around us, our relationships, feelings, and thoughts.

Childhood Trauma takes place more frequently than we may additionally think. When younger children, we don’t typically have a clear perception of what is going on and how it may also aggravate our development.

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But in reality, we’re continuously uncovered to the opportunity of an aggravating event from our childhood. When we are adults, we can reap a perception of the possible impact it has on us. 

Let’s first apprehend what childhood trauma is and how it can affect us.

What is Childhood Trauma?

Childhood trauma refers to recalling the distressing or emotionally painful events experiences when we as children are exposed. Stressful events such as endangered by death threats, severe injury, or sexual violence. A poor childhood not only happens when a child encounters a circumstance themselves but also when exposed to traumatic events. 

Childhood traumatic experiences consist of experiencing direct trauma exposure, witnessing trauma, or publicity to trauma.

Common sorts of childhood traumas are

  • Abusive neglect.
  • Exposure to violence.
  • Bullying.
  • Societal violence.
  • Severe accidents.

These traumas can result in pain and despair. Mental health problems like post-traumatic stress ailment and post-traumatic stress syndrome can develop.

What are adverse childhood experiences?

Every individual is exceptional, and we cope with hard occasions differently. However, some activities can be traumatic. These are adverse childhood experiences. Adverse childhood experiences are poor experiences that have a terrible lasting impact on the well-being and fitness of children. They also include maltreatment, abuse, neglect, or dwelling in a detrimental environment.

There are terrible lasting consequences to experiencing an adverse childhood experience.

  • Physical health: Examples encompass obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer, and different fitness stressors.
  • Behaviors: Examples encompass alcohol and drug consumption, consumption disorders, substance abuse, or substance use disorders.
  • Life potential: Examples encompass educational achievement, relationships, or careers.

Childhood Trauma affects youth socially, emotionally, and cognitively. While exceptionally challenging, overcoming childhood adversity and infant trauma is possible.

Kinds of childhood trauma

Physical or sexual abuse.

This trauma not only harms physiologically but also imprints long-lasting psychological harm that can last for years after it happens. Physical abuse consists of any bodily violence towards a child.

Sexual abuse comes from the direct sexual acts that a child experiences. But sexual abuse doesn’t usually have to encompass the child. It can also happen when a child notices a sexual act very early. For example

  • An infant was experiencing their parents’ sexual intercourse.
  • A baby was witnessing some other person appearing sexually.
  • A toddler was witnessing pornography.
  • Sexual assault.
  • Childhood abuse and infant maltreatment have enormous effects on their usual well-being.

 Violence in their household

When a child experiences violent surroundings at home, they encompass emotional and physical abuse. For example, 

  • A child is witnessing home violence between parents, siblings, or adults. 
  • A child is additionally a sufferer of violence. 

However, it’s now not continually always the case. Either way, this kind of trauma has an exact effect on a child.


Neglect uses no capacity, much less necessary. But due to the fact it is frequently challenging to pick out this as an annoying experience, it isn’t as evident as different sorts of trauma. It encompasses acts such as:

  • Not attending to a child’s emotional needs.
  • Not providing proper hygiene care.
  • Not presenting aid and safety in instances of distress.

 Healing Childhood Trauma from Akashic Records 

When your soul undergoes trauma, many elements are attached to different experiences that we further experience in our lives. The remembrance of trauma at a subconscious level is so intense that it becomes challenging to let go and move on. It prevents you from achieving your maximum potential in your immediate life. The Akashic Records Healing will heal and restore parts of your soul that traumatic experiences have left behind.

The fact is that we’ve all gone through some amount of trauma as children. Humans want to experience being understood, loved, accepted, nurtured, and safe. Childhood traumatic experiences and negative reinforcements can affect us as adults, and if unprocessed, we can act out from this wounded child that had been a part of our early life.

Through opening our Akashic Records reading training, we reconnect with our past traumas and discover the pathway to genuine repairing and liberation through Akashic records Healing. We disclose to ourselves that our past Childhood Trauma was never our fault. We liberate ourselves from long-suffering in the hands of self-abuse, self-blame, and guilt. Forgive the elements of the past that you characterize as being responsible for destroying your childhood. Instead, you sincerely search for a symptom of your pain, and you’ll go proper to the core to expose that from where fear or phobia has originated. You may feel angry, stressed, reactive, unhappy, alone, or possibly in this hamster wheel of repetitive patterns. For more articles click here

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