March 24, 2023

Tourism in Arizona is well-developed and popular, not just because of the Grand Canyon. The state’s natural beauty is breathtaking and famous worldwide, but there’s so much more to see. 

Summertime is the hottest time to visit because of a wide range of activities, places to visit, and boiling weather. You could beat the heat and enjoy the atmosphere with your friends or family group vacation. It is a case to consider a van rental in Arizona – save your time, nerves that simply lose during long rides in public transport, and see more. In this article, you will find the six best ideas for your next trip, so now is the moment to start making plans with us. 

Sedona Red Rock Country

It is the first site you should visit, right after the city noise, when it becomes annoying, and the soul requires calmness. Beautiful landscapes have a fantastic effect on visitors, and observing the art created by nature itself distracts from heavy thoughts and stress. Moreover, the temperature there is much lower, so a day trip will recharge your battery as well. 

The best way to realize it is to rent a 12-seater for a long trip because Red Rock Country offers many opportunities, particularly educational – historical background in Native American Ruins and other locations like that need time for exploring. Set off from any suitable location in the Phoenix – 24hRental company offers more than ten locations, including the airport. 12 passenger van rentals Phoenix provides all facilities for that adventure. Choose flexibility and spaciousness – move the seats as you wish for more passengers or equipment according to the situation. Air conditions, bonuses, and regular discounts on rates obviously will lead you to a valuable deal. 

Apache Junction

Are you a fan of the Old West? If yes, that’s a chance to see it beyond the screen. Many relics and secrets are stored in the Goldfield Ghost Town, where you also can feel the spirit of a gold rush and even take panning lessons and watch the reenactments of gunfights. Mammoth Gold Mine was a popular spot in the 19th century, and many people were coming to search for wealth. Now visitors could join a tour to follow the same way. As a continuation, after you can hike a lot in Lost Dutchman State Park, there’s a huge amount of various trails for every level. 

Lake Havasu

One day isn’t enough to try everything here, but even a couple of hours on the lake will be unforgettable. A wide range of water activities includes boating, fantastic water skiing, fishing, and swimming. Some hidden coves are also available for attendance: by kayak or London Bridge. 

Camping, shopping, and restaurants are in the nearby city, which is also located on the lake’s shores. With 12-seater vans, you could even spend a night and hang out in the summer parties till dawn or watch the stars and stay in comfort. 

Monument Valley

Monument Valley stretches across two states – Utah and Arizona. Famous red sandstone mesas and buttes in Navajo Tribal Park were glorified in numerous films. And what’s interesting, one particular sight, John Ford’s Point, was named after a genius film director. 

His works show the Navajo nation and scenic views, a delightful combination for the western atmosphere. It is possible to catch it now for everyone, just having a look at the majestic landscapes, or even better, riding them with a horse. 

Montezuma Castle National Monument 

The best example of North America’s prehistoric architecture was built right on the cliffs. The five-story building is separated into 20 rooms, which was a dwelling for the ancient native Arizona population, Sinagua. An online tour demonstrates the monument inside; it would be best to check it before you go because rooms are closed for visiting because of fragile conditions. Trails that lead to the castle have different appearances and are worth a live visit. 

Arizona Science Center 

Arizona Science Center is a place of fun for the whole family. Interactive educational activities will make you busy for hours, and your child too. A modern planetarium, about 300 exhibits, and a large screen theater: for deeper exploration, consider the other four levels, psychology, gravity, and sound. Sometimes tickets seem pricey, but you will see and try enough to recoup money on impressions. 

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