March 16, 2023
red flag

If you’re dating someone, there are certain red flags you should keep an eye out for. These can include things like substance abuse, Love bombing, and narcissistic personality disorder. It can be hard to spot these things, so take our what’s your red flag quiz to discover if your partner has one or more red flags.

Love bombing

Love bombers seem to be trying to manipulate you, or they appear to have hidden motives. They might have a tendency to contact you frequently, turn on IP tracking software on your phone, or feel that they need to express appreciation to you on a daily basis. They also tend to keep in touch for a long time. This is a red flag that someone is not whom they claim to be.

Love bombing is a red flag that your relationship may be in trouble. These aggressive and manipulative behaviors are often accompanied by narcissism and other problems. It may also be a sign of emotional abuse.

Substance abuse

If you suspect your friend or loved one is using substances, there are many red flags to watch for. These include increasing cravings and increasing tolerance. If you notice these symptoms, it is time to seek treatment. Treatment options for substance abuse can include individual therapy, group therapy, life skills education, and medication management.

The symptoms of drug abuse can be difficult to spot, because they can resemble other chronic conditions or illnesses. Nonetheless, it is important to look for these warning signs in your loved ones and encourage them to seek treatment.

Narcissistic personality disorder

While narcissists may be very good communicators, they are completely uninterested in you, your problems, or your happiness. If you’re pursuing a relationship with a narcissist, there are some red flags to look out for.

First of all, they lack empathy and understanding for others. Narcissists have a deeply ingrained sense of self-importance. As a result, they expect others to automatically and immediately fulfill their needs. They see and understand others only from their own perspective, and they don’t think twice about exploiting others. This type of person also has an extreme sense of entitlement, and they can often respond aggressively to your slightest misbehavior.


Insecurities are a major turn off in a relationship. If a man has a lot of insecurities, it might be a good idea to keep your distance. Whether the insecurities are based in reality or simply in a person’s ego, they are a major turn off.

A jealous girlfriend is not a good sign for a relationship and should be treated as a red flag. Regardless of whether the girlfriend has a jealous streak or not, if your girlfriend constantly praises her sister, it is not a good sign. If your sister is a great woman, she should be celebrated for that, not compared to someone who is insecure.


A self-absorbed individual is a serious risk, as they don’t care about other people’s needs or wants. They believe the world revolves around them and that they have it worse than anyone else. These people may pretend that they care, but these are just empty words.

Lack of communication

One of the biggest signs of a problematic relationship is lack of communication. While some couples might have a difficult time expressing their needs, communication should be a two-way street. Ideally, both partners feel comfortable communicating without fear of judgment. However, if your partner refuses to communicate, this should be a major red flag.

In a healthy relationship, there should be consistency and safety. If your partner does not call you when they say they will, they may be unreliable. The same goes if they go long periods without contacting you. Similarly, if they suddenly contact you with excuses and apologies, it’s likely that they aren’t reliable.

Quizzing participation

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