April 1, 2023
Safety Gear For Cyclists

Even though cycling is a safe activity, it still needs some precautions before going out on your bike. You need some safety gear. As we all with every type of sport or activity comes with associated risks and dangers.

But luckily, we have some tips and tricks through which we can protect ourselves from getting a serious injury.

You need to get familiarized with some basic protective gear, let’s get to know some of them. And don’t worry you don’t need to splurge your savings on buying safety gear for cyclists if you use Sole Bicycles Discount Code in your shopping.


First and the most essential piece of safety gear for cyclists ticked off first. Head injury is one of the most crucial injuries among other injuries. So, a helmet protects your head and it also helps you to curb the risk of bumps and crashes

 And it should be of proper fit otherwise serious consequences can be faced if you wear a loose or unfitted helmet.

You can find different styles of helmets and designs in the market; the right choice of helmet would depend on your usage and at what level you are cycling.

If you are riding cycles on a mountain or rocky surface, then it is recommended to wear full head coverage. 


After the helmet, gloves are another safety gear for cyclists, they should wear them while riding a bike. It is advised to wear these for several safety reasons.

If you fall off your bike, you will probably reach out to break your fall with your hands, here gloves will protect your palms as you connect with the ground. Some gloves come with heavy cushioning and give you a more comfortable grip on the handlebars.

If you are riding a bike during winter then it will make your hands warm and will retain responsiveness for emergency braking. You can find different types of gloves in the market; some are fingerless and some give full coverage.

If you choose to buy fingerless gloves then they will protect your palm. But will offer less insulation in the colder seasons. Some come with tougher and thicker materials or come with armor plates, depending on what level you are riding. 

Reflectors And Lights

One of the causes of bike or cycle accidents is poor visibility. A motorist failing to see a cyclist while turning or changing lanes. That’s why it is important to install lights or reflectors on your bike or cycle if they don’t have one.

Whatever you choose, make sure to use any form of light-reflective material on each side of your body and your bike when you go for a ride. If you are from those who ride a bike at night then they are recommended to use seat reflectors or handlebars, which mostly come in bikes.

It is made completely of reflective material; you can’t miss any light once a light is shined on you. Visibility is important for both two-way streets, you want to be able to see as well as be seen.

So, you shouldn’t ride a bike without using reflectors or wearing the headlight helmet reflectors. And don’t worry about the prices, all thanks to the Framed Bikes Discount Code, which will help you in saving some bucks in your shopping.  

Protective Glasses 

Looking for safety gear for cyclists then how can you forget protective glasses? Because, when you ride a bike with an open helmet then you will know better than most how often insects love to fly right into your mouth, eyes, or even nose.

And that’s irritating, similarly, dust, stones, and debris tend to kick up when riding a bike on bumpy roads or rocky paths.

That’s why you might have noticed that cyclists ride cycles with glasses. Protective glasses not only protect you from dust and pesky insects. They also protect your eyes from direct sun rays and wind.

So, it is recommended to wear protective glasses, and it is one of the important gear safeties for cyclists. 

Protective glasses come with three interchangeable lenses for different lighting conditions. Plus rain and fog-resistant lens coatings, that help you in better visibility. 


Even though mirrors are not a common gear safety for cyclists among people. It is one of the most important gears to use for safety purposes.

Most people are driving or riding home at rush hour. The mirror helps to see the traffic approaching from behind you and minimizes the risk of an accident. 

 Mirrors also come in different styles and designs. Some can be attached to your helmet while others can be attached to the handlebars of your cycle.

A helmet mirror will move with your head. Allowing you to see the full degree behind you, resulting in curb serious injuries. 

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