March 24, 2023
turban styles

Turban, the most integral part of Indian male attire, has gone through several changes in styles over the years. The turban styles have evolved with time and are now being preferred for weddings as well.

Turbans are designed to match the bride’s outfit during wedding ceremonies these days. Turban-wearing men can be seen in various parts of India along with the bride’s outfit. Moreover, many women are also opting for designer turbans on their big day instead of traditional headgear like mang tika or kalgi, etc. However, if you are planning for a couple dance on your wedding day, then discuss with your Wedding Choreographer in Delhi about the right turban to choose from.

Turbans have always been a symbol of strength and pride among Indian men. The turban is much more than a headgear. Selecting the right turban can take some time, however, your wedding dance choreographer can guide you a bit.

Styling a turban can be tricky, especially when it comes to weddings. But the latest trends have simplified the process, making it easier for everyone to try them out. Remember that you do not have to go in for a single color theme while choosing your turban design at wedding ceremonies these days. You can combine various shades and styles of turbans for different events during your wedding celebrations. The following section lists down some stylish turban styles worn by grooms in India:

– Patiala style turban –

This traditional turban style is preferred mostly at North Indian weddings nowadays due to its unique design. In this style, one end of the turban is allowed to fall freely on the shoulder while the other end is tied in a neat little loop.

– Bandhani or tie and dye turban –

This kind of colorful turban style was made popular by the brides. However, grooms too are trying out different designs in bandhani these days. The design comes in vibrant colors with interesting patterns, which make it suitable for festive weddings.

– Nehru style black turban –

The black color Nehru style turban is best worn with Indian outfits like sherwani or Anarkali, etc. It gives you a classy look when paired with white kurta pajama at wedding ceremonies.

– Tanchoi printed turban –

This style is suitable for more formal occasions like evening wedding ceremonies. It comes with block prints on white bands, making it an excellent choice among women as well as men. You can also team it up with matching Indian outfits to look smart and elegant. So, try out these latest turbans at your upcoming wedding ceremony to make heads turn! Tanchoi printed designer turbans are stylish too!

– A Ready-made Wedding Turban –

This kind of turban features ready-made bandages that come with a pre-tied pattern or design already. These bandages were designed by professional designers specifically for dressing up men at marriage ceremonies. Some wedding headgears such as the Sardari style are related to the Sikhism tradition so if only ready-made wedding turbans are available then this is one of the options that grooms might want to consider.

– The Patiala Shahi Type –

This headwear is considered as India’s finest piece of millinery. This turban design emerged in an era where artisans created their own styles regardless of whether it was traditional or not, and this unique fashion became popular because many people at that time liked wearing lavish things. Because of its uniqueness, other artisans try to imitate it but they were never successful in creating the same type of design nor did they ever match up with its classiness. Also, other designers try to create different versions like making paisley or bandhani prints on it.

– The Royal Style –

This type of turban is called the royal style because it was worn by Indian royalty during the pre-independence time when England colonized India. This headgear features a cotton fabric wrapped around the head with an elegant diamond pattern in bright colors. Sometimes, these turbans can come with ties or embellishments like crystals or diamonds.

So what are these latest styles of turbans that grooms wear?

They may come in different patterns, shapes, and colors but they all share one common link which is they are meant to honor the Sikhism tradition. These headgears also show off a person’s status so choosing one will be an important choice since it can represent you as well as your family during your big day! You can also discuss with your wedding Sangeet Choreographer in Delhi the options that can match your dress as well as dance steps.

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