March 26, 2023
live streaming services

Live streaming events is one of the most popular trends of 2022, and there are many chances to live with this trend. various reasons, including the popularity and engaging sense of watching such live streams and feeling connected. As soon as it was necessary, this habit of watching videos quickly spread to professional settings. It is now essential and takes the place of in-person meetings and events, taking formats like webinars, digital meetings, and eLearning videos.

With the increasing trend, the market for live streaming services in UAE is also increasing. Let’s deep dive into the benefits that make live streaming a trend that is going to stay here. 


Reaching a  broader audience at an affordable price is much easier than ever before. 

For businesses and event organizations previously limited to their local market, the pandemic opened up new formats. Live streaming allows businesses to reach a global audience without having to organise separate events for each region or restrict themselves to a local clientele for formats like industry expos, press conferences, customer events, or even cooking classes. These circumstances give smaller businesses new opportunities and markets! On top, live streaming is not only an advantage for organizations. Middle Easterners can now easily attend special trade shows taking place anywhere in the world without having to travel (just be aware of time zones).

Decrease in carbon footprint 

Going virtual or hybrid is a fantastic option if your organization wants to lower its carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly. While being aware of the effect you are having on the environment, you can maintain the integrity of your event and all the advantages of socializing. 

According to a recent study, using live streaming platforms and going virtual will significantly reduce your carbon emissions. When you move some or all of your attendees to a virtual platform, you will cut down on carbon emissions by eliminating travel and food and beverage waste. 

Higher Quality Content

Event planners can focus more of their time and effort on selecting presentations and keynote speakers with the highest quality content when they aren’t preoccupied with the logistics of organising an event for thousands of attendees. Reducing the number of attendees in person will enable the organizers to concentrate on quality rather than quantity.  

Imagine that instead of stressing about whether there will be enough finger sandwiches, managing event staff and security, and scouting venues, event organizers will spend their time creating interesting polling questions, curating videos, and planning interactive activities. All of these features can be included by using some of the best live streaming services.


We are all aware of how expensive in-person events are, and the travel, accommodation, venue, and other costs associated with them make the event too costly. All this associated expense makes it hard for the audience to attend the event and additionally increases the cost of tickets too. So, if someone is looking forward to attending your event, then you must make it cost-effective and live streaming is the solution for you. Also, you can utilise many proven tricks to boost live streaming engagement

Opportunities for Lifelong Learning 

The process of moving that content from live to on-demand is greatly facilitated by including a virtual component in your event. You should definitely consider repurposing the content you spend time and money curating into compelling presentations and other types of content. When hosting a hybrid event, you will already have the tools necessary to easily record presentations, conversations, and events.

Enhanced Data Capture 

You’ve never been able to collect such rich data from your event attendees before. An event live streaming platform makes it simple to track and document things like:

  • When the audience members were most interested in the lecture
  • When attendees disengaged or logged off
  • Which inquiries were made during presentations
  • How long viewers remained during presentations
  • Which interactive features encouraged the most engagement

Increased ROI

Return on Investment is one of the most important metrics you can use to measure the success of your event. Event organisers for virtual and hybrid events will see a higher return on investment thanks to lower entry fees, the ability to increase outreach and attendance, and more. However, organisers are still able to charge comparable ticket prices, increase the number of tickets sold, and decrease or eliminate costs for venues, food & drink, and in-person event staff. Using a leading live streaming platform will still come at a significant cost. 

Enhanced Attendee Experience 

There is no drawback to disabling a virtual component, even if you want to host an in-person event. For all of the aforementioned reasons, incorporating technology into your live event experience will only benefit your company and the return on investment (ROI) you receive from the content you have worked so hard to curate.  

Adding a hybrid component to every event will only increase your reach and give you detailed information about attendees. No matter where they are, your audience can engage with and participate in your event.

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