March 26, 2023
Akashic Records for Healing trauma

The Akashic Records assists you in becoming aware of the unchanging core of our very own selves. Furthermore, it assists us in recognizing and confronting all fears, phobias, energetic blocks, and patterns that we had elevated throughout childhood and even previous lifetimes. This mechanism will eventually be Healing Traumas that have been haunting your soul from one life after another. 

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Accessing Akashic Records assist us in recognizing and becoming aware of patterns that no longer go well with us or the motives we proceed to attract positive situations in our lives over and over again. Based on this deep understanding, we can provoke modifications to begin fresh, making new and higher choices that align more with our genuine nature.

What are Akashic records? 

Akashic word has originated from the Sanskrit roots that mean which hold all. This database of records transcends all dimensions of our soul. It can be considered an extensive library of data based on reality. 

It’s like a lively database that records each desire we have ever made as the man or woman’s souls. The Akashic libraries can also be considered a celestial mirror, reflecting our options and desires. When required, grant a gateway with our higher self to recognize how these options have impacted us. 

What impact does Akashic Records have on an individual’s traumatic life?

Individuals who don’t align with their soul course will experience depletion and unhappiness. Accessing the Akashic Records offers them the alternative to align with their soul’s purpose and make a desire that brings them into bliss.

Psychologically, traumas can be handed down through generations. Learning to get entry and liberate your Akashic information that will assist in liberating yourself of ancestral karmic debt. Comprehending our fundamental soul nature is validating. The Akashic Records assist us not only in picking out our strengths and the dysfunctional components of our soul’s arrangements, which will help heal trauma.

If these intellectual and emotional imbalances persist except being addressed, they interrupt their body functions as ailments and pains.

How to access Akashic Records?

Anyone can access their Akashic Records. It’s about finding the right meditation frequency to connect and transfer information to your conscious mind through your subconscious mind. It’s important to state your intentions and be clear about the questions you want to answer. 

Breathing patterns, active meditation, movement, or divination such as tarot readings and reiki are often the keys to unlocking this information. You need some proven successful meditation practice to gain the confidence to access your intuition. It opens up an intuitive path that leads to the Akashic Records.

Following are some tips while trying to access your own Akashic Records without assistance:

  1. Please clarify your intent and question. 
  1. Start with a short prayer of your preference, ending with gratitude and a request to remember the information given.
  1. It’s best to start with guided meditations until you easily reach the right state of mind with practice.
  1. Formulate the question clearly and clearly in your head and ask them one by one.
  1. You may feel as if falling into a deeper sleep. 
  1. You are probably in a tranquillity that allows you to quiet your conscious mind and tap into your subconscious mind.
  1. You may hear voices, see images, feel emotions, and feel a more profound sense of connection with your Higher Self during meditation. 
  1. When you return to ordinary consciousness, don’t force yourself to remember what you went through. It comes into your consciousness. 
  1. Conclude your experience with a note of gratitude.
  1. Ultimately, all physical, mental, and spiritual healing goals are to empower. 

Benefits of Healing Trauma through accessing the Akashic Records.

Healing Trauma through your Akashic Records allows you to heal your soul from all the past poisonous experiences which could only spread further on to another life. Our past life traumas are passed in our DNA structure, which gets triggered whenever we encounter similar situations. The Akashic records help us identify and meet these past life traumas. Following are some of the most notable benefits of Akashic Records on our immediate lives after Healing Trauma:

  1. We become less reactive.
  2. We stop playing the victim roles and acting in passive-aggressive ways.
  3. We stand on solid and assertive grounds.
  4.  You reach a much higher level of self-awareness.
  5. You stop blaming others for your difficulties and miseries.
  6. You have a clear and bigger picture of your past and current life.
  7. It taps your spiritual awakening.
  8. It enables you to see what your bare eyes cannot see.
  9. You are connecting with yourself at a soul level.
  10. You will access the highest level of your soul’s divine and infinite wisdom.

To sum up, accessing unhealed trauma can be a complicated and overwhelming experience. If you have trouble connecting with your Akashic Records, you can seek guidance and assistance from an Akashic Healer. The more frequent practices you will undergo to open your Akashic Records, the more you will get more robust and powerful in accepting and connecting with the different aspects of your traumatized soul. Your soul will shine out more brightly under the light of your spiritual enlightenment.

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