March 21, 2023

The Phoenix metro area’s westernmost suburb, Buckeye, has recently attracted much media interest. Compared to its population of about 65,000, Buckeye had just over 6,000 people living there in 2000.

Even if you have lived in the area all your life, you might need to become more familiar with Buckeye, which is only thirty miles from downtown Phoenix. Here are a few factors contributing to the Valley’s high demand for real estate, like condos in Buckeye AZ.

The Massive Expanse Of The Region:

Buckeye’s potential for real estate growth is unrestricted by available space in the same sense as other Arizona communities because it measures over 600 square miles. For example, Goodyear, a city in the West Valley that has experienced rapid growth, is just approximately 191 square miles. This presents both real estate investors aiming to maximize their earnings and those seeking the ideal home with the perfect yard with uncommon chances. There is still plenty of space available in Buckeye for potential businesses to construct various commercial and indPhoenixustrial buildings.

Smart City Hub In Tonopah:

According to a recent Bill Gates-backed Belmont Partners announcement, a smart city hub will be built near Tonopah, just west of Buckeye. Buckeye is a sweet spot for everyone working to reside while it is being built. When finished, it will be home to about 180,000 people, making Buckeye, the westernmost suburb of Phoenix, obsolete.

An Enormous Increase In Master-Planned Neighborhoods:

Buckeye, Arizona, is home to some of the most sought-after new neighborhoods in the Phoenix metro area (at some of the most reasonable costs). Even more new homes are being proposed in other communities currently in various stages of construction, including Verrado (one of the best-selling neighborhoods in the country), Tartesso, Sundance, and Festival Ranch. Due to the current affordability of condos in Buckeye, AZ, families, and retirees can own brand-new houses far larger than those they might buy in other areas of the Valley. Fortunately for them, given all the other factors drawing people to Buckeye, their investment will probably pay out monetarily.

Accessibility Improvement By The New Freeway:

Travelers encountering gridlock when trying to get to Buckeye have been a source of frustration. However, that will soon be history. When the new Interstate 11 motorway is finished, a section will pass directly past Buckeye City. The motorway will undoubtedly spur further business growth, raising Buckeyes employment levels and real estate prices. The new highway is already having a good effect on Buckeye.

Final Thoughts:

If you want to invest in a place that is already highly desirable, has novel amenities being added regularly, and has a huge upside from a financial viewpoint, Buckeye, Arizona, real estate is an extraordinary opportunity. Do your research from a trustworthy realtor source if you’re interested in looking at any Buckeye real estate, whether a house or some acreage. They are particularly suited to assist you in taking into account the full scope of the changes coming to Buckeye when choosing your property because these realtor platforms are up to date on all of the latest developments coming out of the region.

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